Muddled Mind

A passive mind wanders down every dank path it passes. This results in a mind covered with mud. If we like the mess and we’re satisfied, we’re all set, no adjustment needed. But if life is proving itself an unsatisfactory experience, then it’s time to curb this wandering mind. When passivity no longer inspires interesting adventures, but results in too much muck and mire, then it’s time to intentionally direct the mind.

The mind is accustomed to drifting erratically, so it takes practice and technique to tame it. The mind needs to be focused again and again until it learns not to stray. This is one such method:

Take a seat, crosslegged on the floor or on a cushion perhaps. Say the word “om” silently within the head, pronouncing it in a relaxing way. Keep silently repeating “om” during every exhalation. Eyes can close. When no longer silently saying “om”, notice and go back to saying “om”. Catch the mind wandering again and again, and every time bring it back to “om”. It’s a friendly game to play with the mind. Ah-ha! Caught you! Use a timer or occasionally glance at a clock, maintain for twenty minutes. Perform this practice regularly twice per day.

This is the entranceway to tranquility. Step on this path and life changes. Part one is learning to influence focus. With this practice we’re able to indulge in thoughts we prefer while ignoring the rest. Part two is developing a detached perspective. With this practice we’re able to witness our lives as closely or remotely as necessary to facilitate enjoyment.

By a simple step we begin a lifelong journey of self-mastery. There is no choice to make, either life is satisfactory or it’s not. For those unsatisfied, this is a path to fulfillment. Within every age this message is repeated. Those that persist find peace in a turbulent world — this is the promise made to all who guide their mind with sincere practice.


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