Ambiguous Art

I used to think that life was exactly as I saw it and nothing more. But that’s a pretty ignorant attitude. From my limited perspective, how could I know all that life entails? Duh, right? I used to cling onto explanations I’d hear as if they were some sort of truth. But how could I pick the correct explanation amongst the many? I knew nothing, by what standard could I judge? Duh again.

I used to reject the spiritual explanation of life, I thought it was idiotic in fact. But the more I tried to grasp the tangible aspects of life, the more they crumbled before my eyes. And even if existence is based in physical matter, the way in which we interpret life transforms this world into a virtual experience. What we see is personal to us alone, we’re not all experiencing situations in the same way.

If life was built upon a fact-based foundation, there would be no ambiguity in our descriptions. So either the world is not concrete, or we lack the ability to discern it. Either this is a dream-world created by our projections, or our senses distort the data, causing astonishing inaccuracy. Either way, the physical explanation of life fails us — its only usefulness is as a vague reference point.

Because of this, I’m done with tortured attempts to explain life in a factual way. It’s interpretations all the way down. Nothing but a foggy haze. The only fact of life is the unknowableness of life. We’re not all seeing the same things. Older me sees life much differently than younger me — consistency can’t even be maintained within ourselves.

This is a place where thoughts and interpretations matter. From accomplishment to health, expectations are the primary factor. We project our analysis onto a canvas within our minds. That work-of-art is all we really know of existence. If we want a happy life we need to paint a pleasant picture. Circumstances don’t delight us, our attitude surrounding circumstances is what determines our contentment.

We are not creatures crawling around a terrarium. We are the embodiment of thought. This earthly spectacle is the fodder for that thought. We are an audience experiencing the twisting and teasing of existence. What we stare at on stage is up to us. How much we invest our emotions into the plot is up to us. How we interpret each character and circumstance is up to us. Our thoughts provide us power to shape the life we live.


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