Divine Link

To be happy and satisfied with life, we must establish and maintain a connection to the divine. In other words, we must find a supernatural idea that describes the world in a pleasing way — then we must maintain this idea in our minds as we go about our daily business. As the physical world seeks to draw us in, we must sustain a link to the spiritual in order to facilitate comfort within the world.

Yes, this can be a mythical place. Yes, it can be personal to us alone. But it must explain the underlying nature of the world in an enjoyable way. Yes, it may take some effort to conceive. Yes, it does require us to use mental discipline to remind ourselves throughout the day. Often we can use iconography or talismans to provoke our recollection. And conveniently, we can use stress itself as a reminder.

Spirituality allows us to not only cope but thrive amidst chaos. We must therefore seek a gateway into this realm beyond the senses. We must not let pop-culture representations of spirituality scare us away from utilizing such a powerful tool. Yes, people do odd things with the notion of otherworldliness — but people do weird things with EVERYTHING.

Yes, it’s possible to get through life without a spiritual belief. But, unless everything proceeds as expected, at some point the ongoings of life tend to overwhelm. And as the unexpected arises, it’s beneficial to have a practice already in place. It may be necessary to alter and adjust our beliefs to fit changing circumstances — luckily the spirit-realm in not bound by logic or consistency.

We know that our senses are limited and flawed. We know there’s much more to the world than what we can physically perceive. Spirituality simply fills in the blanks. Spirituality is the mortar between the bricks of reality. And we must strengthen this mortar of belief lest the wall of the world crumble before us.


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