Revealed Understanding

Sometimes I wonder if learning is really possible. For instance, if life is a computer simulation then it’s possible people just appear to learn, and knowledge doesn’t accrue from study or experience. Additional knowledge or skill might be scheduled instead of organically attained.

It’s difficult to learn things we have no innate interest in. There’s an inertia-of-ignorance preventing us from knowing a broad spectrum of matters. So in one sense, we’re born with a limited scope of pursuable subject-matter.

The grasping of knowledge can’t be rushed. Previously impenetrable topics are understood all of a sudden. History often repeats itself. In other words, comprehension is beyond our control.

Perhaps the feeling associated with an aha-moment of insight isn’t the triumph of discovery, but fond remembrance. Maybe we already know what we know but it’s revealed as the fog of ignorance gradually fades from our life’s path.


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