Historic Happenings

People aren’t well-informed when it comes to the historic narrative. Secondly, the popular history that we’re aware of tends to be misleading in its portrayal of circumstances and woefully incomplete. So for all intents and purposes, history didn’t happen.

Most of what we know as a society comes from fictionalized interpretations of timelines. All we have are tiny snippets of actual happenings, and from there storytellers extrapolate grand narratives that define “important people” and outline “watershed events”.

We simply lack the ability to collect and comprehend a factual account. Instead, we understand stories based on scant evidence, that’s it. Any narrative we can hold in our head is not an accurate portrayal. Therefore, we can’t long for or lament a past that never truly existed.

All we have is right now. If someone paints a picture of the past, they’re an artist not a truth teller. Our minds can’t hold the full context of circumstances. We can’t make worthwhile judgements based on such limited data. We can only base our understanding on what we know today.


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