Ascending Spirit

I asked her, why does the child seem to get smarter whenever he’s sick? She replied, because sickness suppresses the body, allowing his spirit to surface. Hmm, sounds like an interesting theory I thought.

I’ve noticed a tendency in people suffering great illness to develop a deep perspective on life. But is it true that it’s due to their soul achieving prominence through a weakened beast?

Is the body but a frame holding a soul inside? Buddha if you recall, practiced years of asceticism prior to his enlightenment. Coincidence? Or did he beat his body until the entirety of his spirit was revealed?

And I remember a time in my own life in which I ate in a manner that induced starvation, leading to an Algernon-like effect. I’m still amazed by the clarity of mind and level of confidence it inspired.

Jesus too seemed to reject his mortal frame. Focusing solely on the spirit, he advocated a perspective that included much more than what the eye can see.

And from the dialogue held on the field of battle at Kurukshetra, Krishna eased Arjuna’s suffering by persuading him to accept a reality beyond what the senses perceive.

But does this soul, does this greater reality, truly exist? By whatever mechanism, man seems the better when he sees beyond himself. The broader the view, the grander the man.

Why do I even pen such words? Do they originate from a simple beast? Or perhaps from the angel within? From whence does inspiration come? Surely there is more than this.


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