Practiced Passivity

When energy levels are already low: ignore everything, let go completely so not even a thought can stick. Any pre-existing pain? Fear? So what, whatever, you no longer care. Surrender. Give up. Life wins, doing whatever it wants. Thoughts and feelings are slipping off, down into the ground. Forget everything, recall nothing. Lack even the energy to observe. Shut down. Powerless. No activity, no sensations, only a lump.

Now, beyond your control there is only breathing and the beating heart. That’s it. Calmness. In your mind dreams may come. Don’t linger. Just drift. Traveling until there is no body, just presence. Mist in the middle of space. Without boundaries blend into everything. Feel the connectedness. Sense the belonging. The oneness. Tranquility. Silence.

Within the still of the mind, insight flows. Understanding comes. Life is not merely what the senses perceive. Carry this insight into daily life. Remember. Recall the comfort. Know you can always return to a state beyond worry. Do return. Practice. Live within this totality, see from this broader perspective. By perceiving life as more than a corporeal experience, be at ease.


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