Christmas Play

And the son of man saith unto his Father: Lord, take me instead. Let there be peace on Earth. Let my suffering pay the price for man’s sin. By my sacrifice may others know everlasting joy.

And the Lord saith unto His only begotten son: So be it. And the deed was done, blood paid for the sins of man.

But from his lofty seat the son wept. For in their minds men still hate. A gift given, but refused. Mankind chose anger over love. For instead of aiding, man abused. Instead of forgiving, man despised. Instead of generosity, man coveted. Instead of hoping, man despaired.

And the Lord saith unto His son: Why do thee criest so?

And the son saith: Lord, was my sacrifice in vain? Why does man reject my sacred gift?

And the Lord saith unto His son: A gift so given from the heart can only be received by the heart. The mind of man is confounded by Earthly sights and sounds. To appreciate this present, man must accept with his heart. Those that seek, shall find.

And the son saith: As ages pass how is it man can come to know my gift?

And the Lord saith unto His son: It shall be retold in every age, but understood only by the pure of heart. Only when the mind is still can the heart hear. To appreciate a gift such as yours, man must prepare himself to receive it, only then can joy come to reside.

And the son saith to his Father who art in Heaven: Is there nothing that can be done for the sake of those now suffering?

And the Lord saith unto His son: A man cannot receive what he cannot comprehend. Joy is a state beyond the ways of the world. Only through the spirit can he come to know such a state. Yours was a gift given to the soul. Man must see past his mortal layer to know everlasting joy.

And the son saith: Yet why is it so difficult to see? Can I not shout from the Heavens for man to awaken from his nightmare?

And the Lord saith unto His son: A flower cannot bloom while still in seed-form. Sturdy roots and ample stem must grow, lest the flower fall from its own weight. And so man must be prepared to receive your divine gift of everlasting love. In every age heralds tell of the path — those ready to receive proceed upon it.

And the son saith: But why must man linger so long in darkness if the light of the heavens shines so brightly?

And the Lord saith unto His son: What may appear as dirt and darkness is the sprouting of a holy spirit. See not the mud but the moistened seed. Look not to the withering leaves but those that thrive. Think not of the growing-pains but the potential. Labor may appear as pain, but know it to be the foundation of life, the instrument of joy.

And the son saith: By such words I have come to understand your plan. I see the garden you so planted upon Earth. I know now my sacrifice is a gift that shall bear its fruit — for each must bloom when the time is right, and by Heaven’s light prosper.


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