Economic Future

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Beholding Tomorrow.

Retail cashiering, fast-food service, endless convenience stores and strip malls, soul-crushing commutes, working for the purpose of paying others to watch our children — let us shed these old ways. As we moved from an agrarian society to an industrial one, we must now transition to a digital economy.

Tech entrepreneurship, app development, digital content creation in its various forms from videos to blogs — it will become a renaissance of creativity. Even in the form of food preparation, we can aspire to cruelty-free food production and an adherence to authenticity in ingredients.

From social media management to professional gaming, there’s more interesting work for everyone. And for the family-minded, why not professional parenting, an opportunity to raise one’s own children if so desired — outsourcing childcare must no longer be a necessity. This is the future.

We’ve been performing meaningless jobs for ages — jobs serving no other purpose but to transfer money from one hand to another. If we’re already used to working for work’s sake, then let’s simply select the jobs we enjoy. Why define our lives by antiquated terms, the future is now — as soon as we accept it.


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