Mental Melee

It’s only ever been about mental discipline — the intentional focusing of the mind. That’s what we do here on Earth. Mental discipline is the foundation of all satisfaction and success. That’s the point of all the “ancient wisdom” stuff.

What should I do with my life? Through repeated practice, focus the mind. Rein in your thoughts, that’s where you begin. You won’t know the correct course until you start with a steady base. When the clutter is cleaned, your path becomes clear.

Be aware of the thoughts that float around in your head, evaluate their effect on your mood. Pick and choose to focus on the most favorable ones. View them all with proper perspective — thoughts are just fanciful snippets from your imagination, don’t take them more seriously than that.

With mental sword in hand, slice worrisome thoughts to smithereens — severe their connections, leaving them to wither and decay. Practice your swordplay day in and day out — be ever at the ready. This is your task, this is your duty, there is no greater goal than this.


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