Catosaurus Success

If I asked you to draw a picture of a Catosaurus, how are you going to do it unless you envision what a Catosaurus looks like? So how are you going to attain success unless you have a clear picture of what that means to you? Success is simply the fulfillment of your vision. But the actual vision differs from person to person.

You’d be scribbling all day not drawing much of anything until you took time to define what a Catosaurus looks like. And once you do, you’ll need to bathe in the imagery until you can picture it. And once the image is clear in your mind you can set about attempting to draw it.

If you believe you lack the ability to draw, then you’ll continue to scribble. You’ll need to instill in yourself the belief that drawing isn’t as hard as you thought, that with a bit of effort you can do it. There is nothing mystical about the steps to success — you’ve already had plenty of practice. Throughout your life, in any task you performed, you envisioned an outcome and had confidence in its completion.

For many, success is not as intuitive as the other tasks we do. And often, we get confused by other people’s visions instead of focusing on our own. Because of all that, we have to purposefully engage in the steps we typically take for granted. We have to envision what we want and keep reminding ourselves until we’re able to picture it without reference material. Then we have to keep reminding ourselves that we can do it.

Drawings don’t have to be perfect. No matter your believed ability, you can attempt to draw a Catosaurus. And that’s all success is asking of you: just try to fulfill your vision. It might not be a perfect rendering of your imagined image, but so what, you tried and had fun while doing it. That’s success, that’s it. Success is not a magical formula nor the secret to happiness — it’s sculpting your life into the image you see within your mind.

In any medium, there are obstacles to overcome and imperfections to workaround. This is a lifelong process, so settle in for the long-haul, get comfortable, have patience. Just think, if success was instantly attained, what else would you do with your time? But don’t get lost to the process either, keep progressing, keep chiseling away. And in the end, you’ll have your work-of-art.


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