Summary of Success

The world is malleable — you can alter it.
Don’t accept preexisting definitions of life.
Define life in a way that feels right to you.
There are no limitations but those you accept.
Everything achieved began as a dream.

Describe and visualize what you want to achieve.
Believe in the certainty of your vision.
Replace unhelpful thoughts with constructive ones.
Ponder with positivity, accept only supportive reasons.
The mind defines reality. The mind can be controlled.

Refuse fear. Ignore weakness. Imagine strength.
For every decision, just choose and commit.
Focus on the destination, not the forks.
Travel daily toward your destination.
Accept assistance, provide assistance.

Exert until it works.
Find reasons that maintain motivation.
Look for and follow examples.
Practice perfect outcomes with your thoughts.
Believe in the limitlessness of life.

A focused mind brings forth the fruits of life.


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