Notes on Success

The world is malleable, and you have the ability to alter it.
Your life is not a static story written by others, but a dynamic adventure told by you.
Do not define your life by the worldview of pessimistic minds that lack creativity.
Define life in a way that feels right, and create the character you will become.
Those things once thought impossible began as ideas in the mind.

Picture what you want to achieve and who you want to become.
Vividly visualize details of success, enough to evoke feeling.
Convince yourself of the certainty of these outcomes.
Observe and evaluate your thoughts, replacing the unhelpful with the constructive.
Practice perfection in the mind.

Know with certainty that you can achieve your goal.
Do something daily that gets you there.
See success in the mind, visualizing the result — reinforce regularly.
Develop a reason that maintains your motivation.
Follow the path of others already there.

Focus, maintain unwavering certainty of vision.
Believe in the limitlessness of life.
Decide decisively, trust, do, don’t hesitate.
Decisiveness brings about intensity of focus.
With limited data, no decision is perfect, just choose and commit.

Refuse fear.
Ponder with positivity, accept only supportive reasons.
Ignore weakness, imagine strength.
Persistence, try until it works.
Accept assistance, provide assistance.

Achievement begins with belief.
You have the ability to influence and direct your mind.
Your thoughts define reality.
See a clear picture of what you want.
Become familiar with success via visualization.

Write down a description of your success.
There are no limitations but those you accept.
Practice focusing your mind, this is mental discipline.
The fruits of life are a product of mental discipline.
The ills of life result from a lack of mental discipline.


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