Spirituality and Success

Success is not about seeking to solve internal angst by external achievement. Success is simply the materialization of imagination. In the mind, we have a vision of what our life should be, and success is the process of fulfilling that vision. This is the very definition of creativity i.e. bringing our internal imagery to life. And how well we perform this task doesn’t matter, the point is to enjoy the process.

Spirituality on the other hand, is about seeking a deeper satisfaction with life. By its nature, satisfaction is an internal quest, so external success does not contribute to the removal of discontent. Success cannot replace spirituality, yet they are compatible. It is incorrect to assume that pursuing a spiritual path means we must forego a path to external success.

Because of their compatibility, we can combine spirituality and success through artistic expression. This means we attempt to shape our external life based on the mental picture we have of ourselves. This is a lighthearted approach, we’re not obsessed with the pursuit, we simply do it for the enjoyment of the activity. As sculptors we shape our lives into a work of art.

Spirituality and success don’t mix only when we misinterpret their nature. One sits on the surface and the other below it. Spirituality is the foundation and success is the visible manifestation. We cannot achieve satisfaction through success and we must avoid over-attachment to our art. When the tide comes in and our sandcastle crumbles, we simply smile.


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