Here to There

For much of my life I’ve been an uncompetitive underachiever. I lived in my childhood bedroom for almost three decades. Currently, to keep expenses low, I reside within a single-wide mobile-home in a trailer-park. I receive financial help from my mom, which still places my income around the poverty line. So on the scale of success, it seems like I’m near the bottom.

But that’s not how I see it. I simply pursued the things that were most important to me at the time. I saw the rat-race and wanted no part of it. I tried to enter a couple times but it’s just not for me, I’d rather be a spectator. But here’s the thing, I don’t like the boisterous bleachers, I don’t fit there either, I’d prefer box seats, something a bit more refined.

So how do I get to X? According to success gurus, I’m supposed to believe my way there. By using mental discipline, I’m supposed to train my mind for success. Well guess what I was doing during the decades I wasn’t establishing a career? That’s right, cultivating a well-disciplined mind, a practice I used to find satisfaction with life. But lo and behold, I’m being told the benefit doesn’t end there — it’s also a means to external success.

I’m skeptical of success gurus and their message that belief manifests the tangible. But I’m in an experimental mood and have nothing to lose. So to that end, I will focus my attention on achieving success. I will dismantle my limiting beliefs while infusing my mind with thoughts of what I want. I will convince myself of the certainty that these things will come to fruition.


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