Vision of Success

To preface, I see life as an artificial experience, as if it’s a computer simulation. Relatedly, I try not to take my time here too seriously (which drastically reduces my stress levels). Additionally, I don’t have much drive for “success”. But it’s true that my current life does not align with the life I envision for myself. So as a means to explore and experiment, I will attempt to align my physical life with my imagined life. It’s like a quest, it should be fun. To begin, I must know what it is I’m seeking, so here is where I define the details of my success.

Write down what you want from life, what you want to achieve, who you want to become, what’s your definition of success. Why do you want this outcome and what motivating factors will maintain your determination. And keep in mind that the only limitations are those you accept.

By my nature I’m a bit unorthodox, so my path to success should not seem typical. My passion in life is thinking. While the world buzzes around me, I prefer observation over participation. To facilitate thought, I’d like to live in the most pleasant place possible. My current vision is of a low-maintenance multi-unit dwelling overlooking the water that’s within walking distance of a car-free brick-lined shopping/dining district. Additionally, I’d like ample areas for recreational walking, and I prefer walking or casual biking as my primary mode of transportation.

Some other details: I’d like access to the latest tech gadgets, a wardrobe that’s comfortable and fits well, and I’d like to eat fresh wholesome cruelty-free food. The dwelling in which I reside should have the ability to regulate internal temperatures within the range of 68F (winter) to 78F (summer). I’d like to financially contribute as a patron to internet-based artists and performers and app programmers. I’d like for my best-friend to have the success I always felt she deserved. And in the area, preferably within walking distance, I’d like a nurturing school system, along with activities for children such as museums and play structures.

As far as less tangible aspects of success, I’d like the ideas I share to be appreciated by others. The ideas might inspire or influence while eliciting minimal complaint or criticism. I’d like others to treat me with friendly familiarity while maintaining a slight deference — similar to how minor celebrities or spouses of celebrities or a boss’s son might be treated.

People tend to value the ideas and opinions of those they perceive as successful — therefore, if I want my words to have weight, I need to radiate success. I’m of the opinion that a lot of low-quality ideas are circulating around. I would like to see these ideas replaced with higher quality ones, ones that are helpful, that increase satisfaction, that ease suffering, and make for a better world.

Because I envision a particular lifestyle, it feels right to fulfill it. Becauce I think I’d make a decent steward of the resources I’m provided, it feels right to have them. Because I feel my family should have adequate assets at their disposal for fulfilling their lives, I should strive to provide them. Because I want a better world, it feels right to alter it. Because of my interest in figuring out the world I’m in, it feels right to go beyond boundaries. Because I believe in the power of thought, it feels right to harness and direct my attention. Because the world seems game-like in nature, it feels right to follow the map of wants provided by my mind. Because I want to enjoy life, it feels right to purse this path lightheartedly.


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