Thought Swirl

Think about the world we’re in. What thoughts come to mind? Something pleasant? If so, great. If not, why not? Death, disease, decay, disaster? Why entertain thoughts that don’t evoke pleasurable feelings? Through practice, unpleasant thoughts can be ignored. Through repeated use of imagination, pleasant thoughts can infuse the mind with joy.

For some this prescription is not intuitive. For some it takes constant distress until finally seeking out the source. Trying this and that until realizing that the source of misery is thought itself. Sabotage. An inside job. Whoops. These thoughts blamed everything around them, but it was the very act of blame that caused the problem. Blame solves nothing, it invokes sadness.

The world we perceive is formed from a constant swirling of thought. Flawed senses do not relay truth, reality is only known through interpreted thought. That’s a good thing. This allows the conscious mind to act as gatekeeper, controlling what spends time in the mind. Once this power is known, the unpleasant can be kicked-out, the pleasant invited in.

And so the consciousness can watch, waiting for a sour mood. Caught you! Now, what thoughts were streaming by? Ah-ha! Now for the punishment: think of something pleasant. And beyond merely waiting for the sour to strike, enjoyable thoughts should be regularly summoned. With knowledge of the source and the possibility to control it, why contemplate the worst aspects of life when the best aspects are simply waiting for attention.


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