Loosey Goosey

After a few decades of being super serious, I now take a lighthearted approach to life. Relatedly, I don’t believe life is what it appears to be — and I think the truth is purposely obfuscated. I don’t think this mysteriousness is malicious, I think it’s done for our benefit so as to provide an immersive experience.

I’m curious though, about our capacity to influence this realm. If you look at “How to be Successful” materials, the gurus typically talk about certainty of belief, not concrete step-by-step instructions. I tended to think this type of talk was snake-oil sales, pure rubbish to dupe the gullible. I can easily follow step-by-step instructions, but now it’s: if I believe, I can achieve? Huh?

I was similarly perplexed when I went to college. My classes never taught me how to actually become a professional within the field I studied, nor anything about the day-to-day operations of a professional. I was provided with some general knowledge about the field, then handed a diploma and a handshake. Huh? Now what? College seemed to be lacking the most crucial component, the practical application part.

My theory is this then, that life is not definite i.e. life is not clearly defined, it lacks precision and fixed boundaries. Even the seemingly precise field of technology is more loosey-goosey than I expected. It’s trial-and-error built on top of more trial-and-error. And when I started programming, I was surprised to find out that computer programming is more art than science.

Therefore, I’m coming to the realization that this “belief stuff” might not be so farfetched after all. Even from a practical standpoint we can see that belief plays a real part in our seemingly concrete world. Technology proves that aspects of our life emerge from imagination — for instance, what an artist dreams, an engineer makes tangible. Every invention was once an impossible fantasy (or an accident). Every achievement or broken record surpassed what was once a limitation.

Based on this, to say there are actual limits is illogical. Limits have been surpassed time and time again. Perhaps the success gurus are correct in their claim that certainty of belief leads to actual accomplishment. And really, what’s to lose by thinking this way? Additionally, the success gurus talk about training the mind, essentially bathing in the belief of success — and mental discipline is right up my alley.

In my quest for enlightenment, I already discovered the practice of mental discipline. I am no master, but I have a functional skill-set. Therefore, I will now engage in an experiment. I will be exploring the power of belief and its relation to success. By some objective measures, I’m currently pretty low on the scale of success, so any positive result might look impressive. Now, I’m off to engage in some believing. To be continued….


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