Letting Go

When we develop an inkling that life isn’t what it appears to be, we might cling to our old ideas, seeking comfort in the familiar. We might try to deny the truth, worried what the revelation might mean. But if we refuse to accept the new paradigm, we’re limiting ourselves.

Just because we know life is contrived, doesn’t mean it’s any less fun or interesting. Games, movies, books, toys, sports — these things are contrivances, yet we’re captivated, they entertain while engaging our emotions, often instilling a sense of fulfillment. We know blocks and the structures they create are not authentic buildings, yet we have fun stacking.

The longer we stare, the more we see the deliberateness underlying life. If we expect nothing, we’ll get nothing. What we think, programs our reality. At the very least, perception and attitude creates our interpretation of the external world — life becomes what we think it is. If we limit our ideas about life, then we limit our life.

Do not fear taking off the training-wheels. To soar, we cannot be restrained. Do not be constrained by small minds. Seek freedom from false limitations. Going beyond established boundaries is called creativity. We lack when we believe we lack. We find satisfaction when we earnestly seek it. Follow the treasure map within the mind, focus on the X and get there.


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