Goal to Goal

Goals of unknown origin manifest within our minds. We wonder whether they’re mandatory or merely suggestions. Either way we actively pursue these imagined objectives while consciously witnessing the pursuit.

Like a game, attainment is essentially meaningless, yet we take pleasure in participating. We did not create this game and are therefore not ultimately responsible for outcomes. We are not provided with rules, so we are not obliged to accept boundaries defined by others.

We seek to fulfill our mental map of attainment. If one route proves unproductive, we try another. Through rough areas and detours we strain to attain what seems so important. We often waver in the belief of our ability to influence the external.

But once obtained, the achieved becomes less important, now we search for satisfaction within. What seemed satisfying leaves us lacking. The game moves from outside to inside. But through it all, if we maintain a constructive attitude, we enjoy the experience of existence.


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