Mental Maps

We’re urged to act. Is this impulse for action a command or simply a suggestion? Is it our duty or merely an option to fulfill these urges? Through inspirational images within our minds we’re invited to pursue seemingly desirable targets.

We did not invent these implanted images, they just appeared. We chase while witnessing our attempt at attainment. We did not create these tasks, thus we bear no responsibility for their fulfillment. Yet we can feel satisfaction in their achievement and enjoy the spectacle of the quest.

Why wait when we can do? Why accept boundaries that may not exist? Within our minds lies a treasure map, should we not take our shovels and start digging? Should we wait until beach erosion exposes the chest?

What better use of our time is there than walking the path life offers? We can keep pushing until our influence is felt. We can savor the motion of fruition as it occupies our mind providing interest and activity. We can achieve, we can fail, we can have fun.


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