Powerful Choice

The mystery of life to me is: what exactly is within our power? Is life more pre-defined or open-ended? But if open-ended, are we merely selecting from a limited set of choices, or do we somehow create a novel path? And if choice exists, what mechanism determines the selection we pick? Do we decide based on pre-established preferences? Are we externally influenced or pursuaded? And from where do our wishes for fulfillment originate? If inspired to carve a path, where did that impetus come from?

But does it matter? By whatever means, we’re urged to act. This impulse for action is as a command (or suggestion), and perhaps it is our duty (or option) to fulfill this order. In our thoughts we can see the objects of our desire, we can see how we want to live — perhaps we’re invited to engage in a chase. Because these inspirational visions simply appear within our minds, without effort, we know we did not labor to create them. These implanted visions have been seemingly offered to us for fulfillment.

Therefore, we are merely the mechanism and observer of fruition, not inventor. Thus, we need not feel a solemn responsibility for their completion as we did not create these tasks in the first place, we’re simply the doers. It’s as if a creative force underlies our actions and observations. Yet, we can take pride in our role and enjoy the spectacle we’re witnessing.

So we’re left with a binary decision. Do we decide that life is a static story beyond alteration. Or do we decide that we have the power to influence our surroundings. Do we simply wait and hope our dreams are fulfilled. Or do we actively pursue the treasure map within our minds. Do we linger or engage. Really, what else do we have to do but take the suggestions life offers, we can at least enjoy the effort as exercise. If we achieve those goals, great. If we we don’t, so what, we had fun in the attempt.


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