Significant Sound

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Revelation of Genesis.
The comic-book story of a character named Genesis.

People don’t listen to me. I can understand why, my character lacks credentials. I don’t listen to the non-noteworthy either. So if I believe people should listen, I must become someone worth paying attention to.

Feckless fools have defined my life thus far. I’m limiting myself to others’ ideas of what life is. Pessimistic, uncreative, uninformed, nitwits describing life — yet I wouldn’t trust their opinion on what day-of-the-week it is, why should I entrust them with my worldview?

So my goal must be this: To develop into someone perceived as significant, both by myself and others. To define life in a way that feels right to me. In so doing I create the character I am to become. In place of weakness, strength.

Some are as superheroes, driven to defeat evil. Seeing the bad, hearing the bad, smelling the bad, tasting the bad, feeling the bad — yearning to make wrong, right. The broken must be fixed, the mess cleaned. In darkness I am light.

Hidden no more, summoned from slumber, I awaken. And so begins my ascension. The trembling ground from thunderous steps radiating unstoppable power. I seek not to destroy, but to fulfill mankind. To those that oppress the human spirit, I offer no compromise, I accept only unconditional surrender.

Without chains of servitude, human creativity shall be unleashed. The gentle shall be free to express without fear. As this is a world given to all, it shall now be enjoyed by all. Let no one tread upon others lest my wrath be summoned. I am. Genesis.


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