Future Civilization G

Much of our lives moved online or into the public space. Personal spaces are small and serene. Valuables are virtual. Parks exist for walking and recreation. Vehicles drive themselves, simply summoned when needed.

We love food and seek out what’s nourishing and tasty. Since so much is online we savor authenticity in what we eat. Clothes are simple and low cost, but of course styles persist.

Congregating in large marketplaces, we stroll and dine. We adopted the retro style of gas-lit street-lamps and cobblestone lanes flanked by brick bistros and tiny shops. But beyond stocking the small number of necessities, many shops are simply museums of things no longer relevant.

Automation handles much of life. There is no struggle for subsistence. People spend their time as writers, artists, musicians, crafters, curators, tailors, cooks, farmers, gardners, gamers, builders, researchers, engineers — whatever they want actually, never locked into a particular role.

The political and medical realms evolved. We moved beyond divisiveness and mere survival. We realize our brief existence and celebrate the time we have together. Life has become an expression of human creativity.


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