Example of Persuasion

I am about to give you a gift. This is not a randomly given gift, I’m giving it to you because you’ve chosen to read these words — and through these words we share a connection. By its nature, this gift is not easy to give, and it can’t be given to just anyone by anyone. Yet those without this gift travel through life with unnecessary worry and pain. After two decades of dedicated research and study, I’ve been granted the ability and authority to give this to you.

Do you want to be happy and satisfied with life? Stop and answer before continuing. Do you want to be happy, as well as satisfied with life? This isn’t a selfish desire. You want to be a positive influence for those you care about — they need you to be happy and satisfied. I’ve been in your position, that’s why I took this journey. In a way, you’re a part of my journey just as I’m part of yours. I’m simply the person two steps ahead pointing out the pleasant scenic path amongst hundreds of hurtful thorn-filled ones.

You’ve worked hard to make it this far. You’ve persisted through all that life has thrown at you. To understand what I’m saying right now takes a certain perception, and you’ve got that. Others have already benefited from this gift. You’ve seen happy and satisfied people, now it’s your turn, you deserve it too. Your next step is a simple one and only takes a couple of minutes. You need to accept the gift I’m offering you.

In whatever platform you prefer, search for and purchase these two books: “Bhagavad Gita by Richard Lawrence” and “Path to Enlightenment by Richard Lawrence”. If you shop at Amazon, paperback versions are also available. They’re priced as low as allowed and they’re as brief as possible. They do not waste your time or money. These books not only contain the gift I’m giving, but through your purchase you signal your intent to take a step onto the pleasant path. We’ve been waiting for you.


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