Lighthearted Suggestion

I’d like to see the mass adoption of lightheartedness. As it is, people are too serious. We’re restricted to roles, acting out predetermined scripts, our performance evaluated by how well we stick to the outline.

Essentially we’re just actors playing parts, and this can continue, but now we’d acknowledge that we’re all involved in a game of pretend. We’d no longer take our roles too seriously, acting overly stern or strict. We can have rules, but mostly those that moderate horseplay and foster the greatest fun for all.

If someone doesn’t want to engage in someone else’s nonsense just to get food and shelter, that’s their right. And harsh punishment would be replaced with instructive lessons and limited social isolation (time-outs).

As in playtime, sharing needs to become a necessary component for mutual enjoyment. People can have their personal stuff, just no hoarding to the point of leaving others with nothing. It’d be considered rude to consume excessively.

To live lightheartedly, we’d stop fretting about health and sickness. We’re guaranteed death, it’s part of the game, we can’t be shocked when it comes. There’s no point in getting caught up in a struggle for longevity.

With our less restrictive attitude we’d be free to step outside our roles, not defining ourselves or others with labels. We wouldn’t support the bullying of those not fitting into stereotypical behavior patterns. It’s a game after all, let others play as they will.

We’ve been invited to play upon this playground, we enter with nothing and leave with nothing. We dress up in costumes portraying characters. I simply suggest we admit this, keeping the idea prevalent throughout society for the purpose of encouraging a better time for all.

If life is a frivolous game with a guaranteed end, then why not admit this truth and seek to maximize enjoyment. We’ve tried dour, now let’s do lighthearted.


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