Favor of Lack

Anticipation is a beginning. It’s excitement. It’s perfect execution and outcome. Whereas fulfillment is an end. It’s messy. It’s disappointment. In one sense, the longer we live without a dream fulfilled, the longer we savor the imagined flavor.

So in that sense, lack is not punishment, but merely a means to extend anticipation. Lack increases our pleasure, allowing us to live within our imagination. If we don’t have what we want, we can research and daydream all we want, seeing things exactly as we expect them.

Actuality often falters next to fantasy. Reality tends to exceed imagination only when it includes extras we fail to anticipate. But if we’re idealistic, only imagining perfect outcomes, reality tends to be lackluster.

Therefore, never lament lack. It’s doing us a favor. Fulfillment is but a short burst followed by the next need. But lack is the impetus for invention, a substance that never fails. Lack is not loss, nor an empty hole — it’s a seed growing the sweet fruit of hope.


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