Sacred Honor

An excerpt from the fictional tales of One Nation, Indivisible.

What do we want as individuals, but to live lives we enjoy. In order to do so, we require a certain amount of freedom to pursue our path. Yet this liberty is not unlimited lest our path prevent others from doing the same. We necessarily submit to restrictions so as to allow for the greatest general freedom. All within a nation sacrifice some independence for the benefit of all others. This is why we submit to the rule of law and ally ourselves within nations.

Therefore, there is a balance to be struck between freedom and restraint. Economically for instance, restrictions and rules must be designed to foster the greatest participation amongst participants. An economic system is simply a means to distribute resources. But being inefficient, oftentimes an external governing body must intervene to ensure adequate distribution. If some have inadequate amounts while others inordinate amounts, then the system is not functioning fairly and requires correction.

In a free country, we submit to rules not because they are forced upon us, but because we willing agree. We agree to share, to limit what we take so others can pursue the lives they so desire with the resources they require. Realize that this limit is not aimed at the weak and disenfranchised, as they already lack power and property. No, this limit is placed upon the powerful, those that can readily obtain all they want and more.

A free country is one in which the elite dutifully restrict their own power for the benefit of those with less. This willingness to share power is what defines a free nation. To ensure that all have some, is the sacred duty of those in positions to do so. Freedom does not result from the concentration of power, but the distribution of power — it is cooperation of the whole. And to facilitate this unity, each must engage with an attitude of civility and mutual respect.


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