Rallying Cry

An excerpt from the fictional tales of One Nation, Indivisible.

The downfall of a nation rarely emerges from external forces. Instead, a lack of internal unity allows outside influences to become destructive. Structure cannot persist without upkeep. When a people let unity wane, society crumbles.

A nation decays when the growth of factions goes unchecked, when powerful groups value their own prosperity over that of the whole. These parasites lack perspective, not realizing they will perish as their host is sucked dry.

What should the good do, what is their place in the world, but to check this greed, to ensure all have some, and to provide a unifying perspective. Destructive momentum does not originate with the weak and disenfranchised, but with those in positions able to sustain the powerlessness of others.

Through trickery and persuasion, masses are fooled into perceiving the powerless as powerful and the truly powerful as deserving more. It is the duty of the just to right this wrong. Petty crimes are merely the symptom not the cause.

The dismantling of dynastic wealth is of the utmost importance to a healthy and thriving society. Peaceful and prosperous periods are fueled by meritocracy whereas inherited power provides the toxicity underlying decline.

As a nation’s divisiveness grows, a national security crisis develops. When the many are kept lacking, they fall prey to exploitive demagogues. When so much can be earned without merit, it does not take long before wicked wolves salivate, ripping a nation apart from within.

In every age this cycle repeats. And in every generation the good must be summoned to act. Evil is what divides, and virtue is what solidifies. Therefore, may the righteous hear this call — arise from your slumber, your time is now, your people need you.


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