Fantastical Reality

Why aren’t paths easily mapped and readily duplicated? Because intent alone determines success, not specifics. Scouring volumes speaking of success, there is one commonality, that intent paves the path.

Do you eat a treat thinking you’re a naughty little piggy, simply indulging your weakness for the delectable? Or do you eat enjoying each chew, thinking you’re attaining the necessary calories and nutrients your body craves? The “Intentional Diet” dictates that it’s not what you eat, but the intent underlying consumption, that determines overall healthfulness. With diets differing throughout eras and across cultures, people persist, not because of a magic formula of nutrients, but by a belief in the nourishing qualities of what they eat. The instant something is believed to be toxic, health wanes, the body crumbles.

The power of the placebo is well established. We know belief affects health. Germs and disease surround us all, yet only some succumb. Does a magical combination of hand-washing and vitamin ingestion determine susceptibility? Which explanation is more absurd: intent and the influence of belief, or an ever updating set of rituals and potions? Which sounds more primitive? It is no stretch to say our thoughts shape our interpretation of the world. If caught in the rain, is it a refreshing shower provided by Mother Nature, or is it a prescription for illness? Belief determines outcomes.

Anything invented began as belief. Through intent, fantasies come into being. Man is a creature of the mind, his physical capabilities lackluster. Do not underestimate the mind, the creator of worlds, the crafter of all we survey. Thoughts determine and foster our relationship to those we encounter, to the things we experience, ultimately defining our place in the world.


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