Orchestrated Reality

The means to success, what constitutes a healthy diet, the definition of proper exercise, the way to happiness, what’s beautiful, politeness and the treatment of others, optimal social structures, one’s place in the world, how life began — these are all opinions that change based on era and culture.

In other words, reality is just popular opinion — it’s fashionable. And since we all see reality differently, we get a mishmash, a confusing cacophony of certainty. It’s as if musicians played their own tunes by their own tempos all at the same time. It’s absurdity incarnate.

Harmony is agreement on a definitive reality. It’s the adoption of a common score while abandoning one’s personal notions. Without this unifying agreement and accompanying adherence, there can only be discordance.

As in an orchestra, some form into sections, harmonizing amongst themselves. But with sections competing, the dissonance grows. Underlying every note played must be a commitment to the overall orchestration, a respect for each and every participant and role.


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