Without Forgiveness

I’ve lashed out in anger, I’ve insulted, I’ve behaved selfishly. These actions happened without my conscious consultation — in these instances I did not want to act in the manner I did. Therefore, how can I blame others for their transgressions? Are they not equally powerless?

Who is to blame then, but life itself, the creator of our circumstances. We need not forgive others, they’ve done nothing, just as we’ve done nothing. And we need not forgive life, for without life there is nothingness.

The desire for forgiveness is a misunderstanding. Life happens, and we react. We’re hungry, we eat. We’re injured, we heal. Then if abused, should we not seek reparation? We did not bring about our own existence, we own nothing, we owe nothing.

How can we be responsible for something we know so little about? Life is something we observe, not direct. To be satisfied with life we must acknowledge our lack of agency — and in doing so we appreciate the lack of agency in others.


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