Mission Accomplished

My life doesn’t usually go as planned. Otherwise it would appear drastically different. And of course that results in disappointment. But were my plans even that great? Maybe it’s better they didn’t work out. Oftentimes things don’t live up to expectations, or they quickly become boring.

Besides, we don’t get to keep any of this life-stuff. Memories last longer than the circumstances that created them. What life gives us, is not the silly trinkets or the cliched accomplishments, but an engaging storyline.

Something didn’t work out? Great, you just received a plot twist, a surge of emotion, a moment of interest, a memory — you just got entertained. We know life isn’t about physical objects or goals because those things don’t last, they’re not meant to.

Life is like a bunch of dreams strung together. It’s a series of brief interactions with different aspects of the world. Nothing lasts, it all comes and goes while we move from one scene to the next. No matter what happens, we fulfill our lives through observation — that’s it.

Are you watching? Congratulations! Mission accomplished!


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