Unknown Variable

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Solve For X.

We were at war with adults. Parents, teachers, the government, corporations — every adult was suspect. Our movies, our music, our way of life all said we were on our own.

Through the Vietnam conflict we saw the young shipped off to die. We viewed the government as a corrupted enemy of the people. The war on drugs was a war on us. We saw corporations sell our livelihoods out from under us, the lifestyles our parents enjoyed were shipped overseas. We weren’t the consumer, but the consumed. Our cities became post-apocalyptic crime-ridden cesspools. This was the world we inherited. And so we were aptly named, Generation X, the unknown variable.

But what would we become, this angsty skeptical generation of loners fending for themselves. We have no unity, no loyalties, no voice, no power, forgotten between two giant generations. But in our undefined state we find definition, a world weary wanderer seeking a peaceful home. As a disenfranchised generation longing to fit in, we seek comfort and calm within a turbulent world.

And so we, the generation left to its own devices, raise our children with an attentive eye. No tear goes unwiped, we nurse, we hug, we discipline with care. We provide our children the warmth we lacked. We stumble of course, being a gruff and grumpy group, but from our failings we try harder, obsessed with not repeating the ways of our parents.

Blessed are the peacemakers, so we will find our place in this world. Still the middle child, we have yet to bloom into full maturity. We are needy for love, and with nothing to lose we are willing to give every bit of ourselves to find it. Through our tribulations we’re adding resiliency to our brittle toughness. Our part in this equation has only begun.


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