Worthwhile World

Are we to be but beasts, fiercely competing for scraps? Clawing and scratching our way to the top of a mountain of meaninglessness? What a wicked world indeed. Or shall we let our higher nature light the way? Friendliness and collaboration, endeavoring toward a unified whole.

By no means is sameness humanity’s goal. Groups and roles are not our plague, but divisiveness, that corrosive ire that divides based on disgust. Through fear, an implement of division, we are dispersed into an us-versus-them.

We must therefore dismantle our worries while instilling a sense of dignity for all. It is defiance to trepidation, mixed with an urge to cooperate, that underlies unity. Let us be ever willing to extend our hands in greeting, aid, and comfort.

We must trust in the goodwill of others lest this be a worthless world. Who desires mere survival? If our amiable efforts are for naught then existence is a waste, a trite distraction and nothing more. For that reason, never shrink from the consequence of giving, as it is our sacrifice that fulfills us.


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