Anxious Obstacles

Thinking a worrisome thought? Shut it down. Oh dear, but what if my worry can save me?! Death is a destination guaranteed by birth, another minute means nothing. Besides, if your worries were accurate you’d be dead a thousand times over by now.

Instead, think about a goal, something you’d like to see accomplished. It might be fanciful, but so what, it’s just something to contemplate. Craft the story from beginning to end or just focus on a particular part, it doesn’t matter. Think of things that evoke delight.

But the real world! It’s dangerous! If you believe that, then you’re alive by life’s whim, powerless and merely waiting to be plucked at any moment. It’s entirely possible that yielding to your worry might lead to an even worse circumstance.

Therefore, give up your worrisome thoughts, ridicule them, devalue them. Do not be influenced by fear but simply by preference, doing what inspires. It’s the goodness of life we need focus on, keeping our gaze ever on our goals as we progress through this world.

Whether we accomplish anything at all is not our concern. Though our body may break, persist, ceaselessly traverse — limping, crawling, rolling, it makes no difference. Things fall apart, it’s to be expected, but onward we march against the resistance, simply doing what we do.


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