Easy Answer

Would we value existence if it was easy? Probably not. The trials and tribulations of life are what make the silly things we do seem meaningful. Constant challenge makes this an interesting experience. Lack inspires creativity.

The easiest route through life is to skip it all and go straight to death. Yet that’s an absurdity, like dumping juice straight into the toilet instead of drinking it. Efficiency is not the point. Repititiously we perform the most mundane tasks — yet by adversity, tasks are transformed, becoming worthwhile.

A lackluster life is one lacking hardship. It’s not the dangerous, but the easy we must avoid. When we sweat, when we cry, when we do what makes us die — we live. Our beginning and end are guaranteed, it’s the middle we fill by engaging in the exertion of existence.

What is easy lacks effort, merely an exercise in futility. Stressors both internal and external provide reasons to act. Life is a treadmill that cannot stop, but what use is standing still while straddling the sides. To hit our stride we must match life’s pace.

Appreciation and dedication, and ultimately satisfaction, are the product of life’s unpleasantries. In our thoughts therefore, we must value the difficulties we face, as they are what make life worth living. We must not be moved by fear or unearned reward, but through a collaboration with life.

Life provides the obstacles and the means to overcome, the resources and their lack, the strain and the relief, the failure and the triumph. We are its players, its audience, the doers and observers. And it is within this partnership that we fulfill our roles: giver and receiver — the love-story that is life.


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