Garden 2.0

Upon eating the fruit, the illusion shattered. The act of eating from the tree of knowledge exposed the artificiality of the garden. From then on, it wasn’t enough. Staleness, sameness, suffocating — boredom became their reality.

And so they entered a new realm, an imperfect place. In this world, stressors of all varieties excite their senses. This manufactured habitat dazzles the duo with sights and sounds, thrilling with triumphs and disasters.

Captivated by this daydream, the pair enter in and out of lives, always uniting, yin intertwining yang. Offspring become ancestors become siblings become parents. A dramatic world of themes, a dance-floor of embracing essence, a backdrop of enduring love.

It was always about them, the only two that ever existed. Through their fondness, a world was born, a place to play within an endless playground. Every kiss and every tingle a new experience and a warm rekindling. A chase, a romp, a hide-and-seek, a fairytale for lovers.


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