Gracious Gift

What do you want? To be happy? I can give you that. But will you accept it? Or will you stubbornly hold onto your beliefs, the beliefs that lead you away from happiness? Now, discard what’s unhelpful and plant the seeds of satisfaction.

Accept that there is a path to happiness. Accept that this world is a mirage, an image formed from your imagination. Acknowledge the inward feeling of otherworldliness. Commit to fostering an appreciation of existence. Share this experience. Relish your provided path. Trust life’s creative nature. Practice and cultivate these supportive beliefs.

If you’ve not known happiness, how could you recognize it, let alone find your way to it? I’m giving it to you, simply accept within your consciousness. It’s a thing that exists only within the mind, let it wash away the toxic thoughts.

I am nothing but life’s messenger, an instruction sheet, an apology note, a beacon bringing clarity to the confused. What I’ve said comes from life itself. Fear is a misinterpretation, an overreaction to life’s great spectacle. Simply witness and enjoy the show.


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