The Point

Blah, blah, blah, life, theories, whatever — what’s the point?

Well, life can seem like a difficult and unpleasant experience. Because of the dazzling spectacle before us, we might get disoriented and distressed instead of captivated and entertained. But by altering our perspective, we can change our experience, going from miserable to amused.

My role here is twofold. The first aspect, is to repeatedly reinforce this enjoyment-facing perspective in my own life. Every time I think and write about this topic it’s like turning my head in the direction of a beautiful sunrise, experiencing it’s warmth and majesty — refreshing my outlook every time.

The second aspect, is to be a beacon. Hey you, yes you, the one reading these words — I’m directly communicating with you right now. I know you’ve had a rough time here, I apologize, but this life is not a means to terrorize you, I promise.

Think of life as an amusement park with rides that can be a little intimidating, they seem scary. Yet these rides are meant to thrill and surprise, not traumatize. Yes I know things can get a bit messy here, even macabre, but it’s like a funhouse or an arcade or a theatre — it’s got a bit of everything for everyone.

So my point is this, I had a decades long fear of life and now I don’t. As a reminder to myself and a beacon to you (yes you again), I’m stating that we don’t need to be frightened by life, we can enjoy our time here. No matter our circumstances, we can derive satisfaction from existence.

How each of us derives enjoyment is a bit different of course, so I’m only a beacon. I can’t teach understanding, I can only say, “HEY! IF YOU’RE HAVING A ROUGH TIME, A GENTLER PATH EXISTS!” So although I can’t control your thoughts, you now know an alternative exists.

And by knowing this, you’re reassured. Life CAN be enjoyed. Life’s ongoings aren’t cause for grief, but fodder for fun. If life seems repulsive, this is an outlook that can be refined and replaced. By knowing this, you’re on your way, upon a path to happiness and fulfillment. You’re welcome.


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