World Theories

Three potential theories underlying existence: Physical-world, Wish-world, and Destiny-World.

For example, if I become a tech-billionaire, is it because of the physical steps I took, a wish fulfilled, or was it destiny? Does life consist of a set of well-defined physical pathways? Does life form itself based on people’s thoughts? Or is life a pre-written tale that we’re so deeply immersed into that we believe ourselves more than just observers?

Obviously the wish-world theory provides the most control and the most options, as we’re all magicians in a sense, forming the world by our individual perspectives. But those visions would likely conflict, forming a mishmash of a world. Hmm sounds familiar.

In the physical-world theory, we’re somewhat limited — we’ll always be monkey-like creatures living on a rock following the rules of physics. We’ll feel somewhat trapped by our starting positions in life. This is also the scariest theory, as disaster looms around every corner. BOOM! We could be struck dead at any moment.

The destiny-world theory sets the stage for sustained drama. It employs tricks to make us believe we’re in control and actively participating, when in fact we’re just an audience following along. We have an observing consciousness that feels the excitement of the story, same as when watching a movie but the world engages all the senses.

It’s also possible that all three theories co-mingle. For instance, the destiny-world theory might be true for major milestones of life. And in-between, intentions fulfill our desires while the physical-world keeps everything we don’t care about chugging along.

For example, Bob is destined to meet Mary and nothing can derail that milestone. In the meantime, as a teen Bob intends to become a doctor and over the course of a decade his wish is fulfilled. Bob’s other interactions, that he cares little about, are handled by the physical nature of life, just things bumping into each other.

Some points to consider:

If life was completely scripted, we would expect a more perfected story (no offense, life). It seems rough around the edges and unbalanced in its delivery of amusement.

If life was completely physical, we’d probably not exist at all. It seems that the world maintains a balance of existence too well to be random. Also, we’d expect life to get easier over time, yet we’re suspiciously surrounded by constant drama.

In the wish-world theory, things likely appear as needed, details forming as we examine them. This fits well with the haziness of life, and how we never understand the underlying nature of things — deciphering one aspect only creates more questions.


From what I’ve seen over the years, a purely physical world seems implausible at this point. Life proceeds too predictably in one sense and too dramatically in another — it seems artificial that a high level of drama has remained sustainable over a long period of time.

Oddly, things seem to appear out of nowhere. Just when humanity gets comfortable, something new comes along. The seemingly impossible suddenly manifests and is mastered in a short span. Electric power, flight, and computing are good examples.

The world certainly is a messy place — pollution, corruption, illness, conflict. It’s not tightly scripted drama but sloppy meandering drama — as if there’s too many cooks in the kitchen. Yet despite the chaos, dishes do get served to some — while others are left wanting.

In the final analysis, it appears that existence is an artificially constructed experience. But within the world there is some autonomy amongst the underlying structure. The most enjoyable part of a game is the unpredictable outcome. The limited autonomy within life enhances this unpredictability — yet existence cannot be allowed to descend into chaos, lest it become unsustainable.


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