Healthy Intent

I studied exercise and nutrition in college. I was amazed at the lack of consensus in what constituted the best exercise regimens and the best eating practices. One professor said, just find something that works and do that. But haven’t people studied and tested these things, I’d wonder.

Researchers did perform studies but results didn’t always agree, or their methodologies and conclusions were questionable. Oftentimes there were just too many variables to determine anything conclusively or universally applicable.

But perhaps they were barking up the wrong tree. If the best-practices of diet and exercise can’t be pinned-down easily, perhaps it’s less about the actual physical practices, and more about the attitudes and beliefs we hold as we eat and exercise.

For example, perhaps it’s not what we eat, but our intentions that determine our diet’s effects. After all, diets do follow trends, changing all the time, what was healthy one decade is near-poison the next, yet people still remain generally healthy. The same goes for exercise, what’s perfectly healthy one decade is damaging and unacceptable the next, so again perhaps it’s our intention that determines our exercise’s effects, not the actual activity.


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