Healthy Mind

Haven’t you noticed that what’s considered “healthy” changes over time? Weird huh? Some would speculate that humans simply understand more throughout the ages. But if we laugh at the health practices of old, who’s to say future generations won’t laugh at our notion of “healthy”? And even among groups and cultures within the same era, what’s “healthy” varies — so there’s never a consensus on “healthy”. Strange stuff, no?

One would expect the prescription for health to be universal across all cultures and generations — but it’s not. One would also expect the prescription to be simple and obvious. Instead, it seems like a mystery to be solved, an exacting formula needing to be deciphered.

But perhaps the prescription for health really is simple and obvious. Through observation we can conclude that what’s “healthy” is not absolute, it changes and follows trends — what this suggests is that “healthy” is merely a belief, a state of mind. For instance, we can readily witness the remarkable effects of placebos — telling someone something will fix them, does.

What do you think happens when you tell someone something will harm them? Likely a reverse placebo, a nocebo effect. Imagine someone doing a particular thing for decades, then trends change, and suddenly it’s considered unhealthy, then they get sick and deteriorate. It’s likely that if we tell someone that what they’re consuming is killing them, then it probably will.

Whereas if we believe we’re doing something healthy, we’ll likely flourish. Of course nothing works 100% of the time, life never allows that. But from simple observation, it appears that our beliefs and state of mind have a significant impact on our health, more so than any other factor. This being the case, those seeking health should focus on their beliefs and the particular thoughts they entertain.


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