Life Is

What is life? Life is challenge. Life is stress. Life is emotion. Life is pain. Life is labor. Life is beauty. Life is flavor. Life is laughter. Life is love. Life is creation. Do you see? Life is activity. Life is the focus of all our attention.

Interest requires impermanence. Life is what it is because that’s what holds our attention. You’ve noticed your consciousness of course, the part of you that observes your life. What an exciting show you’re privy to. Anything less than this attention-grabbing spectacle would bore you to tears.

Your consciousness can get confused though, believing itself the originator of action instead of the observer. This confusion can create disappointment — but don’t worry, you can get back on track. There’s nothing that needs to be done externally, it’s just some simple steps on the inside.

What it takes, is repeatedly reminding yourself, your consciousness, that you’re not in control here. Think of life as a story that’s already been written, you’re just following along. And from there, embrace and appreciate the story.

Whatever happens is just part of the story, and you the consciousness get to decide how to interpret life’s plot. You get to assign the labels, calling things funny or sad, good or bad. With this power, you decide the nature of your story, whether gloomy, comical, uplifting, or whatever.

Keep in mind that this is only a virtual realm comprised of temporary illusions. The images formed in our thoughts are interpretations not facts. Everything that enters existence is destined to exit. With this outlook we keep ourselves from clinging to what’s not really there.

Enjoy the story as you would any story. Simply maintain your awareness during intense times to ease anxiety. Let life tell its story, wait and see how it ends — life controls the body and its outcome — as the observer, watch patiently and politely.


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