Preacher Man

I suppose I’d be a preacher of a benign religion. What’s a preacher do but speak of life and receive a living from doing so. Nothing revolutionary of course, just sermons on the hows and whys of living a lighthearted life.

Again, I grew up without religion, but once in awhile I’d watch preachers on TV. Sometimes I liked what I saw, not always of course, but some seemed like they were trying to help people. One of the bigger problems I witnessed was the intermingling of money with their message.

But I don’t believe monkhood is a necessary condition for speaking about spiritual matters, so an adequate stipend seems necessary. Beyond that, I don’t think money should pass through a preacher’s hands.

As part of my duties, people could approach me to discuss life and its many facets, not as an expert, but just as someone that thinks about such matters. Again, I never said I’d be the best preacher, or even a good one, just that I’d be one.

My version of a benign approach would be one not seeking to condemn or profit. One describing life clearly and concisely, not with antiquated analogy. One that celebrates life, seeking to appreciate the beauty in all aspects, one that stresses the underlying unity of existence.


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