Equipment Manager

I don’t attract attention. I’m quiet, short, and average looking. I’m rarely approached and people oftentimes forget I’m in the room. And I’m fine with this. It’s obvious that not everyone’s designed to be the flashy hero that’s out front saving the day. Someone’s got to handle the backend stuff, managing the supplies, and cheering on the champion.

Outward achievers receive so much attention that we on the logistics end can get confused and not appreciate our role. But we would do well to remember: the foundation that no one sees is a crucial part of the overall structure. I’m not competitive and have little drive to excel, but I tend to know things, I can explain what’s complicated, I’m good at budgeting, and I’m loyal.

I relate more to Merlin than Arthur and to Krishna rather than Arjuna — I’m more the wizened wizard encouraging the talented young warrior. As an advisor, I must rely on a hero to achieve my ends. And what I must provide to the hero, is stability and support. Should the hero have doubt, I must quell it, as friend and trusted advisor.

I’m perfectly fine with being in an entourage, I’m not envious of attention, I require little upkeep, I’m honest, and I stay out of trouble. Too often we think of ourselves as the star of the show, but it’s an ensemble cast, we all have our parts to play in order to maintain the production. If we on the logistics end lack, it’s likely that we’re attempting to gain directly instead of through our supporting role.


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