Key-frame Theory

In traditional animation, to move an object across the screen, a frame must be drawn for each instance of progression. In computer-based animation, software can interpolate the in-between frames from two key-frames (a process known as inbetweening or just tweening).

In life, we often see people accomplish things despite an aberrant path. Sometimes people miraculously survive events that aren’t typically survivable. We can observe that outcomes are not ultimately predictable and we never really know why things go one way or another.

One explanation, is that life follows a predefined narrative. But although it’s scripted, the plan might not be so detailed as to include every single action. Instead, certain milestones must take place and what goes on in-between fills in itself.

The “Key-frame Theory of Life” states that the milestones of life are scripted as key-frames within a preset narrative, but the actions between those milestones occur organically. Importantly though, the actions in-between are not allowed to derail the milestones, otherwise circumstances will miraculously realign when required.

In other words, pooping is probably not scripted, but meeting a particular person is. What we fill our time with between milestones just doesn’t matter. And what constitutes a milestone is likely unknown to us, although looking back it may appear obvious.

The prolific nature of life implies a non-randomness, creation is ever outweighing destruction by a slight margin, maintaining a balance in favor of existence. Because of its well-defined order, life can’t solely consist of a bunch of independent interactions, of things simply bumping into each other — such a condition wouldn’t sustain itself, it’d devolve into disorder.

Because of all this, life does appear to have a pre-defined nature, but the question is, how detailed is the script. The Key-frame Theory postulates that life is ultimately artificial, a created experience, consisting of an underlying narrative, yet the minutia of life is allowed to occur organically, but is isolated from the major milestones of life.


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