Daily Discipline

About to eat a plate of cookies? Eat a few instead. Tired and want to go to bed? Not without brushing your teeth you don’t. Thinking about something unpleasant? Stop thinking about it. Every act of restraint is practice. With so much out of our control, this is our opportunity to enact our will.

Our body is flung about by urges and externalities, doing as it does, but little by little nudge it this way and that. Small things though, no great changes lest it realize and rebel. Whatever you do, wherever you are, engage in daily acts of discipline.

In this way gain a sense of mastery, experience success. When little nudges become easy, push a little more. Appreciate the unappreciated. Release anger as it comes. Spin every outcome as favorable. Forgive instantaneously. Love the unlovable.

With increasing practice the world becomes a playground. Negativity fades. By strengthening our discipline, we develop the power to shape our worldview. What we previously saw as tragic becomes a reason to smile. A little restraint, drop by drop, changes our world.


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