Ancient Wisdom 01

This world is not what it appears to be, it’s more like a narrative fiction, created to capture our attention. Although it’s a bit intense at times, life can be enjoyed with the right attitude. It’s not the circumstances we find ourselves in, but our attitude that determines our satisfaction with life. As part of that attitude, we need to lighten up and not take things too seriously. We should avoid being an asshole, as it drags everyone down. For instance, we shouldn’t criticize others for the life they live.

We should realize the silliness of obsessing over things that exist only as dreams within our mind. But that doesn’t mean we should live frivolously, as we must respect this realm and all within it — we should still play the part we’re inclined to play. And yes there exists a visceral brutality to the world, but we’re better to accept life’s inherent nature than reject it. We should appreciate this life we’re allowed to live.

We can expect life to proceed unexpectedly. Life has a layer of mystery obscuring its inner workings. How much can we influence our own lives? Is there a goal we should be striving toward? After each life, is there nothing, something better, or more of the same? How much should we embrace life’s brutality — are we angels, beasts, or somewhere in-between?

Life is a lighthearted adventure that achieves nothing of note except for the enjoyment it provides. It’s like any story or game, we must take it seriously enough to enjoy, yet not so seriously as to be scared of every outcome. The journey is not about outcomes but attitudes — there’s nothing to win, just a simple story to take part in, one that’s best experienced cooperatively rather than competitively. A happy ending is best, so whenever enveloped in darkness, seek the light.


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