Beyond Boredom

Boredom is excruciating. So when I feel even a twinge, I see why life needs to be tuned to the intensity it’s at. Only at this level of emotional excitation can boredom be relieved. Situations need to be dire for me to care, or else I wouldn’t bother to engage. Why is life so visceral? It’s to grab our attention and hold it tight.

What is the only weakness of an all-knowing and all-powerful being? Boredom. If we are on some level infinite, having eternal souls or whatever, then Earth is an entertainment device designed to alleviate boredom. Any “natural” substance or system smooths over time, with rough edges softening — yet here we go around and around, life never getting easier. But it can’t get easy or we’d get bored.

My mind needs to be analyzing problems of one sort or another — so without an endless stream of conundrums, what would I ponder? Why does life seem to push my buttons, providing exactly what irritates me? It’s to engage my emotions. Frustration, anger, anxiety? Psh, that means it’s working, I’m caring about this dream world. And that’s good. Boredom being our only enemy, we should relish whenever life makes us feel physical.